Wizardium magical NFT heroes — who they are?

4 min readOct 23, 2021

NFT Heroes technical and gaming background

Wizardium v1 NFT heroes are divided into 3 (three) different grades: low — Alchemists, medium — Witchers, and high — Archimages.

Every character can be minted from the website by using web3 wallets: Metamask, Binance chain wallet, and Wallet Connect.

The floor pre-launch price is fixed for 150$ for 1st grade, $450 for 2nd grade, and $800 for 3rd grade. Available currencies are BNB, BUSD, USDT (BEP-20), ETH (BEP-20), BTCB (BEP-20). All purchasing is powered by Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract.

NFT heroes are fully controlled by their owners and can be transferred from one wallet to another or sold on any Binance Smart Chain Marketplace.

Each character is a unique NFT (BEP-721 standard) but represented with one of the 9 (nine) characters. Every grade has its own basic attributes* that are important in the gaming strategy the users prefer.

1st-grade NFT Heroes — Alchemists

The young and amazing alchemists of 1st grade are perfect for incomers who like to try Wizardium gameplay with pre-launch floor price investment of $150.

They will follow users to the lands and help to explore the lands in search of Elements needed for brewing $WIZZY token and earn some profit.

🐶 Felix — Shaggy and loyal friend explores the world of magic by his flair, he knows the ways for rich and glory.
🐈 Markus — Young alchemist and a great explorer. Fortune smiles at him, he always finds rich loot.
🐻 Tedius — Lovely druid alchemist, very kind. His bag is crowded with gems and the lamp leads to wealth.
🦌 Vitalis — Noble deer, with his magic staff he opens the secret locks and reveals the hidden gems.

Max NFTs to be minted: 2500 (for every NFT hero)
Fixed floor price: $150 (pre-launch price)
❤️ Health: 50/100
⚡️Energy: 50/100
🍀Luck: x0.8

2nd-grade NFT heroes — Witchers

Witchers are the second grade — they have more life and energy capacity, moreover, they have a higher chance to find the valuable elements so the profit from exploring the lands may be much higher!

They have fast brooms and know the secrets of Wizardium, which helps him to be smarter, faster, and stronger!

The floor price for minting starts from pre-launch fixed $450 in any crypto (BNB, BUSD, USDT, ETH, BTC).

🐿 Xena — Sexy and inventive young witch enchants everyone by just her look and get everything she even wants.
🐹 Morteus — Powerful and brave hamster, he can read the ancient runes that help him to fill his bags with gold.
🦁 Gustavus — Valliant and daring lion from the royal family, he beware of nothing, victory is his second name.

Max NFTs to be minted: 2500 (for every NFT hero)
Fixed floor price: $450 (pre-launch price)
❤️ Health: 80/100
⚡️Energy: 80/100
🍀Luck: x1

3rd grade NFT heroes — Archimages

Archimages are the highest 3rd grade of heroes. They have the best specs in health, energy, and luck. They are the most profitable NFT farming units in the Metaverse.

Moreover, the owners of those heroes will be extra rewarded with $WIZZY tokens once released and be able to participate in special gaming quests.

The floor price for minting starts from pre-launch fixed $800 in any crypto (BNB, BUSD, USDT, ETH, BTC).

🧜‍♀️Diva — Divine Medusa. She is good at magic and enchantment so can drive you to insane profit.
🦅 Argus — Majestic griffon, explorer of air and earth. He is colossal and amazing hunter for rewards.

Max NFTs to be minted: 750 (for every NFT hero)
Fixed floor price: $800 (pre-launch price)
❤️ Health: 100/100
⚡️Energy: 100/100
🍀Luck: x1.2


All heroes are designed by professional artist, who was inspired by magic, alchemy, and mythology. Every NFT hero will be included in-game — and the higher the grade the more income for players due to the Play to Earn concept!

Mint the one you like for you or several! Don’t miss the chance cause NFTs are limited! And always remember — early adopters will be rewarded by the game producers!

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