Wizardium x Blue Sky Ventures AMA recap

6 min readNov 9, 2021

November 8th, 2021 AMA with Blue Sky Ventures community

AMA Process with BC Blue Sky Ventures:

1️⃣ Part 1: Introduction of the Project and Guests.
2️⃣ Part 2: 5 questions collected before Twitter.
3️⃣ Part 3: Guests will choose the 5 best direct questions of the members to answer directly in the group.

Part 1 — Project and Guest Introduction.

Question 1. Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and Wizardium ?

Hi, Let me introduce myself first — my name is Arch and I am Community Lead of Wizardium dapp.

Wizardium is a magical play to earn game on Binance Smart Chain inspired by magic, alchemy, and mythology with amazing NFT heroes — magician animals — alchemists, witchers, and archimages. 🧙🧚💫

We are aiming to build a platform with combination of DeFi and NFT gaming. Where users may use their NFT heroes to mine mystical NFT elements and swap them to native WIZZY tokens and get some profit.

What about the team? We have a global distributed team from Canada to Europe and Asia. Head management is from Europe and Canada with previous experience in dapps building and great marketing experience in crypto space.

We are presenting the team members to the community and pretty soon reveal all the team members, we are a small team of less than 10 people.

Question 2: Please share a few major milestones of Wizardium during its development process

First, we have started with the concept — the pure game about magic and alchemy. Done with MVP and released the website. ✅

Finished Phase 1 — Initial NFT heroes minting that is still going. Users can mint heroes at pre-launch prices. Starting from 150 BUSD. Minting is available in BUSD, ETH, BTCB, and BNB of course, the oracle system keeps the price stable at 150, 450, and 800 USD for every grade of hero.

Next milestone for us — presentation of WIZZY tokenomics and game release on the way 🚀

Question 3: Could you share with us your plan to expand locally as well as globally?

The team is working on the Asia market primarily, as play to earn is very popular in APAC. We are focusing on Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, China, and Japan. However, the crypto market is not limited and we have users all over the globe.

Our marketing strategy aimed to attract lots of users from crypto space, no matter what the country is. First is the product. I think that good projects will attract attention in crypto and we are building Wizardium in this manner. 🤝

Part 2: 5 questions pre-collected by Twitter post.

1. I am interested in your project? Can I buy tokens? Where is your quote right now? Is the price attractive to buyers? @Chitnh101

Thank you for the question @Chitnh101. The native WIZZY token is not available to buy yet. We plan to deploy it in early December once development is finished and all the tests will be done together with Smart Contracts audits. SAFU is important, you know. 😊

Once all is done, we will initiate a huge marketing campaign so everyone in Binance Smart Chain ecosystem will know about the release, we will do our best 🙂

You can mint heroes now on wizardium.io

2. There are lots of projects abandoned and did not upload a single new code and announcement to github, twitter or telegram for months. How can I be sure the “Wizardium’ won’t do this? @VenusP2e

Yes, regretfully some projects stop developing once they have some profit. Here on Wizardium we are building constantly and the next huge release will have NFT Farming and other major play to earn features together with native WIZZY token release.

After that, we will continue to build other in-game features designed in the GameFi concept. Stay tuned, should be amazing. Of course, you cannot be 100% sure, cryptocurrency is related to risk so DYOR.

Join the community to be up to date on the development process. https://t.me/wizardium_nft 🖖

3. Everyone knows, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, you go with your partners, so with YOUR PROJECT which partners will promote and help communication reach and achieve the project’s goals? @SLiomie

We are still young, 3 weeks after the start. Now we are in close communications with some big names, I cannot tell you until the official announcement of partnerships. But I am sure pretty soon you will know about it.

The team is working on establishing partnership collaboration with top Marketplaces and DEXes on Binance Smart Chain, also we are working on WIZZY token launchpad with some well-known IDO platforms. 🚀

I am sure those partnerships will bring more trust and attention to Wizardium.🤝

4. a project will be successful if there is interaction and support from the community of participants. To bring people satisfaction, what will you do to meet that need? @Staitu88

I am working with the community every day together with our Phillipians community managers. The team believes that we can build a great dapp together with the community and be a real community-driven platform.

We always listen to the community and aim to bring the most efficient solutions in play to earn gaming on Binance Smart Chain. 👍

5. Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will you reach non-English local communities? Do you have any plan for them to better understand your project @PKragak

For now, we have also started with English as its international language. However, we are building local communities across the main international community.

Wizardium has a Chinese community ( https://t.me/Wizardium_io_chinese) and I am sure we will expand the local communities in the future. Users will help each other to understand the game and processes with the help of local mentors and moderators. That is really a community-driven story.

By the way, the platform is building to be intuitive in use, so language is not so important here. Users need basic English to use Wizardium.

Part 3: Guests will choose 5 best live questions from members to answer directly in the group.

1) As far as I can see, NFT and BSC are the next trend of new projects. As I know there are a lot of very good development projects on this platform, what do you think about this development?

Yeap, you are right NFT gaming is hyping right now. Lots of good projects creating, but the trend is still quite young and the quality is medium. I think should take some time before the giants come.

However, NFT gaming and GameFi are good for young and small game studios that would like to bring some fresh ideas to the gaming market. The one is creating Wizardium 🙂

2) What are the basic advantages and features that most companies jump into the gaming industry?

I think the basic is clear understanding. We love games, we play games from the youth, in this case, gaming and blockchain are a great combination to bring adoption to the mass market.

3) New things always need to be learned. Wizardium token has a project manual or a short video tutorial?

Good question. We will prepare some videos for educational purposes. I think education is important. It’s good when people want to know something new and video content is quite a good fit for the presentation the workflow of the game and token usage. Thank you!

4) Every project innovators are always on the edge of giving the positive and good features of their project, but can you kindly give few killer features of your project to investors?

I think the main killer feature besides the great NFT art of heroes, locations, and other in-game stuff is GameFi mechanics we are working on. It’s unique. And every unique and fresh idea has value, isn’t it?

So don’t miss your chance to mint NFT hero on Wizardium.io and jump into the next play to earn a rising star on Binance Smart Chain. 🚀

5) Which one of these aspects is important for you? 1-Increasing Token Price & Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally In what order?

I think all of the above is important. And all is connected. But the product is first — have a good product and BUIDL! And you will have all the other 🙂 👍

Social media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wizardium_
Telegram: https://t.me/wizardium_nft
Discord: https://discord.gg/3QDpPhbA24
Medium: https://wizardium.medium.com/
Minting here ->>> wizardium.io




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