Wizardium x Skillgaming collaboration

Jan 19, 2022


Wizardium team is trying to make experience for users more fun. In this case, we decided to work with professionals from Skillgaming to bring more fun to Wizardium Metaverse.

About Skillgaming

SkillGaming is an online community that allows you to play your favourite games (major and indie titles) and make money by challenging yourself or dueling others.

Moreover, they have an experienced team of gamedev professionals. We decided to start with the first project: Telegram game — Markus Journey, where the alchemist Markus is hunting for the WIZZY tokens.

Link: https://skillgaming.com/game-details/markus-journey/1000247

The purposes of adding this game to Telegram:
1) Creating more fun while Farming
2) Initiating hourly Rating runs with real prices by using CCTIP Official bot
3) Building the Metaverse!

More games to come! 🚀

Website: https://www.wizardium.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wizardium_
Telegram: https://t.me/wizardium_nft




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